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Modular Annexe

We offer annexes in a range of sizes and designs to offer the maximum choice to meet your needs. We work directly with yourselves so we can get the best fit for you and your loved ones. If the accommodation is no longer required Kāinga will promptly arrange for the annexe to be dismantled and removed from the garden.  

Specialised Support

If you or your loved one or any of the family feel they might need professional support in managing the transition into increased care our team will develop and deliver a suitable therapeutic plan to assist. 

Care Facilities

We complete a care needs assessment to discover what you or your loved one require to have the best quality of life in our Kāinga Care Annexe. The care component could range from small assistance and meal preparation to a live in carer and we will provision whatever is needed. We will also be able to assist in amending the care package if your loved ones needs ever change. 

Additional Services

Where your loved one is unable to live by themselves in their own home, and this is owned, Kāinga can arrange for this home to be placed in the rental market through a national Estate Agency. All rents will be paid directly to the client, and Kāinga will not charge for this additional support service. 

All of our services are available alongside the Kāinga Care Annexe but can also be arranged as individual entities

How The Annexe Agreement Works

If there is no Annexe currently available in the garden that can be used or adapted then Kāinga will be happy to provide you with a quality temporary annexe as part of the care solution. We will arrange for all regulatory and compliance matters to be dealt with, including a Certificate of Lawful Development. When the annexe is no longer needed we will take it away.

Our fees will include providing the annexe alongside the other services you may need.

We will design, deliver and install the annexe and our project management team will supply guidance on preparing your garden for the annexe. If you would rather we did the preparation then we are able to do so. All services will be connected when we install the annexe.